Intro to Racing nights (weeks 1 & 2) - Mens 4th cat only and Womens 3rd/4th cats.

These evenings are designed to be a non intimidating environment for first time racers and those who have a few races under their belts but need some help/confidence. 

•    The races are Regional C (rather than Regional C+) rated which means there will be no BC points on offer but there will be cash prizes on the night for the first three over the line. So there will be no points grabbers present and less pressure on all – the result will still be logged with BC so will still count! There are no Bomber points on the night either.

•    Extensive Pre race briefing via email will cover pre race reading/viewing, bike preparation, what to wear, license info, arriving, the signing on process, race numbers, warm up, briefing, race starts etc etc step by step in detail and more time will be allowed for the briefing on the line before the race starts. 

•    Along with the organising team and commissaires a few experienced racers (male and female) will be on hand to answer questions and to put any fears out of your minds and to take you around on a short coached session and lead out the race for a rolling start.

•    We will NOT be using the hairpin for the Intro events but will stick to the original shorter circuit which minimises the chances of an incident and keeps all riders in sight of the commissaires and race organiser at all times.

•    We will be leading the race out for a rolling start. This will allow riders time to get their feet clipped in without worrying about the race getting away from them and to avoid any big bunching at Prison corner.

•    We are an experienced, understanding and friendly team with years of experience of running races for men and women. In fact we are one of the few race organisers who have a totally separate race for women.

•    Our safety record is very good at the Bomber but Saint Johns Ambulance are present at every event as a precaution.

INTRO TO CRIT RACING TIMETABLE (Weds May 5th & 12th 2021)
6:30pm Riders arrive & sign on (strictly no earlier than 6.30pm, you must arrive dressed and ready to ride).
6:50pm Circuit open to men only for warm up/sighting laps.
7.00pm Short structured coached laps session.
7:10pm Briefing & Mens 4th cat race with a rolling start (30mins)
7:40pm Womens warm up/sighting laps.
7.45pm Short structured coached laps session.  
7:55pm Briefing & Women's 3/4 cat race with a few laps led out and a rolling start (30mins)
8.25pm Finish