The 'Sam Williamson KOB & QOB' trophy is designed to encourage and reward riders across all the categories and to create season long competition at the Bomber. Sam (pictured) was an inspiring person and encouraged riders of all abilities whether they were record breaking endurance athletes, elite road racers or rookie 4th category racers just starting out. Sam was also a superb athlete, tough gritty bike racer and a real clubman so the thinking behind the two awards is that riders race against competitors of similar abilities/categories and the best 'racer' on the night wins points towards the award. So it is entirely possible that a talented 4th cat rider could win the King or Queen award.
Previous Kings & Queens
In what proved to be a close and exciting season the 2018 King & Queen of the Bomber trophies eventually went to Marcel Six (Verulam Really Moving) and Zoe Adams (HHCC).

1st = £200 + Mazda MX5 Drift Experience (thanks to our friends at Driftlimits) + Trophy
2nd = £125,  3rd = £75,  4th = £50,  5th = £30

- With at least 7 races available to all riders this season, your BEST 6 results will count to your overall score.
- There is no minimum races to qualify for the overall.
- Bomber points (separate to BC points) are scored as follows.
  1st = 15, 2nd = 12, 3rd = 10, 4th = 8, 5th = 6, 6th = 5, 7th = 4, 8th = 3, 9th = 2, 10th = 1
- Sprint Prime points (3,2,1) will also count towards the over King & Queen trophies.

- Full BC points will be available as usual.
- Rankings will be published weekly after every round.
- In the event of a points tie, a win or more wins triumphs. If still a points tie then a higher number of 2nd places triumphs etc. and this continues until all races for riders concerned are compared. This is irrespective of category of race. In the unlikely event that points and positions are completely equal in a prize winning rank (ie. 1st to 5th overall) then any prize money for those positions will be added together and shared equally and a joint position declared. Again, this is irrespective of category of race. The trophies (to be returned during the following Bomber season) will awarded at the Annual Awards Dinner but cheques will be issued soon after the final round.