There are two types of British Cycling (BC) membership - RIDE and RACE. 

BC RACE membership comes in 3 grades - BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD with each one providing you with a PROVISIONAL RACING LICENSE only, not a Full Racing License.

To race certain events you will need a FULL RACING LICENSE however you can race most events on a PROVISIONAL LICENSE with a DAY LICENSE to back it up. You don't earn BC ranking points on anything other than a FULL RACING LICENSE.

You can race as a BC RIDE member or even a Non BC Member but again will need a Day License. Note that if you are entering more than a few races then it is more economical to buy a full racing license.

Day Licenses are not physical items but simply a mark on the signing in sheet and can be purchased in advance by transfering the money to the club bank or with cash (correct money!) on the night. Where a Day License is free, just let the race organiser know your membership level and s/he will fix it. They are for insurance purposes so very important.

The table below is a useful illustration of Day License costs for the different event classifications:









Most races at this evening weekday level are Regional C+ which offer BC ranking points however some will be Regional C such as our "Intro Races" which offer no BC ranking points.

The majority of enquires and the source of most confusion is that riders think that having, for example, a BC SILVER RACE MEMBERSHIP means they have a FULL RACE LICENSE when what they actually have is a PROVISIONAL RACING LICENSE which needs a DAY LICENSE to back it up.

More detailed information available at the BC website:

Race Licenses > https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership/article/mem-st-Racing-Licence-Prices-0-Need-a-Racing-Licence--0
Day LIcenses > https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/road/article/roa20120127-road-Single-Day-Racing-Licences-%E2%80%93-Road---Track-0